Saturday, May 7, 2011

American Muslim Views on Osama's Death and Burial

Over the past years I've made various contacts who happen to be American Muslims. Most of them are not 'traditional' in that they don't follow the strict dress code, but they do follow most of the laws, especially regarding prayer. These American citizens are predominantly conservative Republicans, who deeply love and believe in the United States of America. They were sickened just as much (maybe more so) by the attacks of 9-11. Some of them have even served or are serving in various branches of the United States military.
I often seek their opinions on matters, as I've they have a unique view point that I could not come up on by myself, and I've found that to be very valuable.

The past few days I've been discussing the death of Osama with them, and the burial at sea.
They are unanimous in their happiness that Bin Laden is finally dead. They see this as a great and necessary event towards the reclamation of what they truly believe to be their peaceful religion, that extremists have been desecrating.
All of them also are upset with President Obama's decision to not show pictures of the body. Most of them in fact believe this is proof that Osama has been dead for a while, but that the United States just now finally found proof and wanted to make it a hero moment, instead of just stating that Bin Laden is dead. That his natural death would have basically been just too anti climatic for the Obama government, so an operation was created for the sake of publicity and glory.
They find Obama's excuse
It is very important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool.
funny, hilarious even, when they consider the burial at sea to be a grave (sorry about the pun) insult and a violation of Muslim burial rights. In fact, everyone of them believes that the watery grave will cause more retaliation than any picture could have. And the body being so quickly disposed of, only increases their conspiracy views.

These are not necessarily my views, but I felt it important to share what American Muslim citizens (at least the ones I know) think about what is going on, as it does matter.

This article was published on Landmark Report May 9, 2011