Monday, May 2, 2011

God Save The Queen!

(Written April 29)

Queen Elizabeth II

Like many others around the world, I found myself watching the Royal Wedding as Prince William of Wales and Katherine Middleton took their very public vows. Twas an extremely beautiful, highly ceremonial affair, that the world has not seen the like since 1981 when Prince Charles married Diana Spencer.
Twitter, as with everything that goes on in the world, was full of people loving and hating it. What struck me the most was the people hating on England herself, suggesting things like England still needed to pay back for the war of 1812 or that the United States of America should have nothing to do with England. But one tweet especially caught my eye:
No true American would ever say God save the queen
Now most of those saying such things were clearly just idiots. And I want to state here and now, that the majority of intelligent Americans have the greatest respect for England, Great Britain, the Commonwealths, and the current English monarch.
But for those of you who truly think as that one tweeter did, I clearly need to remind you a little about the last 100 years.
Since the US entry into World War 1 (1917) and especially since Pearl Harbour (December 7, 1941) the greatest ally America has known has been the people of Great Britain, the Commonwealths, and the English monarchy.
British and Commonwealth troops have fought beside our own in almost every war or conflict that we have been involved in. In some cases laying down their lives to save ours.
Let us definitely not forget that it was the British who were the main western defense against Nazism. Had they not kept fighting til America was ready, the world would've likely been overcome.
Yes, before the last century we most definitely had our differences, but we've long ago overcome those, and now have the closest of relationships.
General George S. Patton said it best:
We are two peoples separated by a common language.
I would totally agree with someone who dissed on George III and the monarchy of the early 1800s, but this is not that same monarchy. This is not the dicatorship monarchy that we fought for freedom against, and then were invaded by. This is they very friendly one who ceremoniously leads our greatest friends.
Now I am completely glad and grateful for the system we have, with a lack of monarchy over us, but we aren't discussing our system. We are discussing the system others have chosen to keep for themselves.
Queen Elizabeth II deserves our love and admiration as the official face of England, and to varying degrees the rest of Britain and the Commonwealths.
When discussing her, I strongly believe that no true American would say anything but, God save the Queen!

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