Friday, April 1, 2011

Obama: United States Must Decrease Oil Imports

It is now Wednesday, two days since his last televised speech, and Obama needing to be seen, came out with a shocker. The United States must decrease its oil imports.
Well way to go! He finally figured it out.
His answer though leaves us losing the momentarily found hope.
Obama seems to think that our only way to survival is to further indenture ourselves by spending more money on hybrids and alternative bio-fuels.
And so much for the sudden intelligence found in the administration.
Clearly they haven't figured out yet, that the majority of those either do not work, in the times they do simply aren't cost effective, like ethanol take massive amounts away from the food supply, or some combination of the above. Electric cars are another great one, as the amount of coal used up to keep them running, causes more pollution than the oil would, so they can't even claim the movement is actually for environmental reasons.
Whilst Obama did get it right that the United States must become more self sufficient, he's ignoring the obvious ways of doing so.
'Drill here! Drill now!' isn't just a catchy slogan. Tis not just a necessity but the most realistic solution.
We have the resources. Don't pay attention to the Obama administration saying we have as little as two percent of the worlds oil resources. Texas, Alaska, or Colorado each on their own have more than that, and it wouldn't be surprising if others did as well. Despite the denials of liberals (as well as some moderates and conservatives) the United States of America is a resource rich land. It always has been. Those resources are what brought a good number of the original settlers, and later immigrants. And there is a long way to go before there would actually be any legit worry of running out.
A huge result of actually drilling here and now, would be the massive amount of jobs gained by doing so. Thousands at least. Would be nice to see unemployment numbers actually go down. Obama, you do actually want to get America back to work don't you?
And of course with an increase in jobs comes more money. Which would in turn be spent in the communities nearest to the drilling, which would allow business there to order more product from elsewhere. Wouldn't you like to see that stimulus?
Who honestly could be against such things? Definitely not anyone who is legitimately trying to help and improve the United States of America. Any patriotic American would want to see us independent of other nations, and stronger than ever!