Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mammoth vs. Blazers

The lines into the Pepsi Center alone tell that this isn't as small time of a sport as one previously thought. The roar of the crowd says it in another way. And then that the arena is at least three quarters full shows it.
Seems the Colorado Mammoth, wearing white with purple sleeves and pink helmets, are already down 1-0 to the red coated Boston Blazers. The hometown crowd is definitely well behind them.
Doesn't take long to notice that the announcer is way more involved in the game, than in other sports. And the Wild Bunch cheerleaders popping out on the field between quarters.
Very odd, to a first timer, is that the teams switch shifts on each possession, as if there are offensive and defensive players. Six players each, counting the goalies. The field players have only helmets and gloves for protection from the near constant slashing of their opponents sticks. Yet the goalies look like they just stopped off the ice, without skates.
2-0 Boston and the crowd doesn't hesitate booing.
2-1 and the crowd goes crazy seeing their Mammoth score.
Back and forth the scoring goes, with Colorado able to tie it at times, yet never taking the lead.
At half time a special event of Police vs. Fire fighters lacrosse game commences. Fire fighters control the ball more, but the police are a lot more accurate, and end up winning 3-0.
The second half commences and the Blazers take control of the game, with Colorado unable to even score during a five on three power play.
Nearing the last few minutes of the fourth quarter its 8-5 Boston. The crowd gets up on its feet, begging for the rally. Truly can feel the energy in the place. No one wants this win more than the thousands of fans in the Pepsi Center.
Now its 8-6. Then 8-7. The crowds energy is amazingly still growing. No wonder they call this the loudest house in lacrosse. And when it is all but over the Mammoth tie it up! We're going to overtime!
Play commences in overtime, the crowd completely backing the home team Mammoth. The mascot is bringing it on, raising the roof, from behind the visitors bench.
Colorado scores! The crowd somehow even finds a higher level of excitement.
Mammoth win 9-8 in overtime. Gaining their second win of the season.
Now the schedules are being checked by the first timers. Can we make it to the two remaining home games? One thing for sure if we can we'll be here.
Who could pass up this excitement?