Friday, March 25, 2011

Open Letter to Obama

It is time for you to truly defend and explain yourself.
To start with, just show the birth certificate so it can be done and over with. Most of us never would have cared, had you just done so in the first place. Your refusal to do so was the most suspicious part of the whole matter. Though with all the newspapers that proclaimed you as Kenyan born, when you were running for Senate, and with Kenya itself repeatedly recognizing you as such, I truly would have little faith in any Hawaii certificate.
Let's face it, you should have just done it in the first place and we would've believed it. Now its too late, and nothing but admitting it can change any opinions on the subject.

Secondly, you've yet to do anything to protect our own borders. The war in Mexico spilling over is but the clearest example of this. The fence should have been built long ago, and troops stationed along it.
And the gun scandal is a clear violation of our neighbours borders, violation of our own and international laws, but is also an attack on our own people.
Not only is it aiding a foreign enemy (the drug empires), but anyone involved in it has made themselves to be a domestic enemy.
These people need to be punished not just as criminals, but as traitors.
Now I truly hope that you aren't, though even more so fear you may be, connected to this. I'm not sure which would be worse, that you are, or that you have so little control of our own government.

With your healthcare, you forced it through Congress, against the will of the majority of the country. Congress itself shall and is being held accountable for their actions, and you should be as well.
Defying the will of We The People of The United States of America is not what your job is. Your job is to listen to our voice, and represent us.
Tis time for you to do so. Encourage the Senate to listen to the people. Encourage the House to do so as well.
Obamacare must be repealed, defunded, etc. Make it gone!

On the budget, much the similar. Listen to the American people, and encourage Congress to do the same.
We demand a balanced budget, and we demand it now. No more time for debate.
The time for painful cuts of programs that are just wastes of money has come and the entire government needs to act with it.
NPR, EPA, department of education, and others have failed or have no reason to be government funded to begin with.
If you truly have any desire to save this country's economy, then act now!

Drill here, drill now! We can't afford to pay the prices that the world would charge us. Instead of paying other countries to develop their oil fields, use the money to open our own.
Stop violating the judge's orders and drill in the Gulf as well.
Want to stimulate the economy? See what happens when we gain the jobs, and prices go down.

Libya, I'm not going to deny I supported going in. I wrote on it myself, well before you did anything.
But you (and the world) took too long to act.
Worst of all though, you did not do so within the Constitution. O yes there are close enough things to be considered precedent, but that doesn't make it the right way to do things.
Go and do everything further with congressional approval.

Lastly, no matter the circumstances, you are President of The United States. Act like it!
Apologize to the United States for bowing to foreigners, and never do it again.
Remember that as PoTUS, you are supposed to be the leader of the free world, not a follower.
Stand up for The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

It is most likely too late for history to remember you as a good President. However, if you change now, at least you could be recognized as a man who admitted his mistakes, and worked to correct them. You could still do great good for the country.

As always, praying for you, and that you'll make the right decisions.