Thursday, March 24, 2011

Patience of Israel

One of the things I truly am unable to understand is how Israeli's people continously deal with the terrorism that plagues them. Whether they acknowledge it or not, they are in a constant state of war.
Having to live a life so constantly under random threat is inconcievable to me.
Maybe front line soldiers have an idea, but for them its a threat against themselves and friends.
For Israel its a constant threat against them, their friends, family, and everything.
Yet, not only do they survive this, they thrive.
In the midst of this, they aren't lost in the ease of hate. No they even give first aid to terrorists that survive.
Instead of general retaliation they choose targets with care, and hit with precision. Doing everything they can to avoid casualites amongst the innocent.
Through all the attacks Israel grows stronger.
All the while being patient. Enduring all that comes their way.
Sometheing they can be proud of, and that the rest of humanity can look up to.