Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coalition: Libya and Thoughts on US Politics

Took them long enough, but once the world decided to vote UN 1973 through, the French went from no fly zone flying to air support for 'free Libya' within half an hour. And the British, USA, and a couple others weren't far behind.
As of now we already have one US jet down, though due to mechanical failure. Good news is both pilots are reportedly safe.
As makes general sense (due to resources and sheer power) the US took over command as soon as they were involved. But questions of will someone else take over general command, are already occurring. Bad idea there, as most of the world without question will follow US orders, when on the same side. Whereas they always seem to spend more time arguing legitimacy of orders from someone else. Either way, hopefully chain of command will never become a real issue.

Back in the US of A, political fighting started almost immediately over involvement in 1973.
Did Obama have the right to have US forces join? Not Constitutionally, that's for sure. But the precedent is there. Even Democrats now are talking impeachment, though.
Honestly if impeachment is to occur over this, dereliction of duty would seem an interesting place to start.
I find sending US troops to battle, and then immediately going on vacation, disturbing, if not disgusting.
Clearly we do not have a true Commander in Chief. A real one would be at his job when sending men and women in harm's way.

As for US involvement in Libya, I said before it looked necessary to me. Not in the sense that the US was in clear and present danger from Libya, but how could we as human beings watch the massacre that Qaddafi was planning?
Stopping that mad man, was and is a human necessity.
It is that simple.