Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Communion Means to Me

Last night at church, we had communion available to those who wished to partake. Twas setup on tables in the back of the room, and you could go and do it during worship.
This cause me to thin about what Communion means to me.
There's of course the generic answers. The Bible tells us to. Jesus said this is my body, this is my blood, do this in remembrance of me.
For some the experience is completely symbolic, whilst others truly believe that through the ceremony, the juice/wine and bread/crackers actually are transformed. Personally I lean to the symbolism, but that's part of personal choice and thought on the matter.
But what does communion mean to me? What do the symbols stand for other than the flesh and blood?
For me tis acceptance that, yes I do truly believe my wonderful Father God, sent his Son to out sinful planet. Once there He became flesh and blood. That wasn't enough though. He had to die for what we His creation had done. He had to shed that same flesh and blood, and not peaceably.
Communion to me, is a time where I specifically focus on what He did. The juice and crackers serve to remind me that He not only shed flesh and blood for all of us, but that He took it up as well. For us, its impossible to understand what He went through just to join us, and to give us a chance to join Him later in life.
He told us to practice communion, so that every so often, we would hopefully take that moment to be still and know Him. To understand He didn't just sacrifice by dying for us. But also by coming to us and offering His grace in the first place.

So what does communion me to me?
It means that a God powerful enough to create the massive beautiful universe, not only loved me enough to die a physical death for me. But He also loved me enough to reach out and take human form, so that I might have a hope of understanding just how much I matter to Him.
Now that is an awesome and loving God.