Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on My Writing

All of my life, I've loved reading and writing.
Growing up one of life goals was writing a novel. Still is. Wrote a few short stories, but never anything that I considered that good.
In high school I started writing poetry and lyrics. Some of which was actually decent.
And in college had a couple of blogs that I kept.
For the last couple years though, I had stopped writing pretty much anything. Things had happened in my life, and now I had stuff that hurt to write about. So I made a real mistake, I forgot a part of me that brought me joy.
Over the past few months I've been writing this blog, which I've deeply enjoyed doing, and especially loved getting real feedback on.
Recently I submitted this blog for consideration by Landmark. Tis the first time I've submitted my work, on that kind of basis. Haven't heard what they think yet, but it did get me thinking about my future in writing. And no matter what happens there or elsewhere, I will seek out writing everytime I can.
One thing that bothers me is how one dimensional it has been. Whilst I'm truly passionate about politics, there is so much more than that to me. So in the future I hope and plan to write about other things as well.
For I've found that I truly do still love writing. How finishing a piece and getting feedback makes me feel, is something I can't find a word to describe, but I truly love it.
Tonight I was told that my blog has inspired someone in their life. I hope that I will continue to do that for them and everyone.