Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin and Class Warfare

Yesterday, in a brilliant stunning move the Wisconsin senate passed restrictions on collective bargaining, even without the presence of the senate's democrats who had previously fled the state.
Now those 'fleebaggers' and the unions are screaming about class warfare and abuse of democracy. They've even gone as far comparing this vote to 9-11 and Pearl Harbour.

First off, that comparison is plainly incorrect, not to mention just wrong. Comparing two of the most tragic events in American history to this shows the lack of intelligence and learning amongst them.

Secondly, its really funny to me that they try to complain about abuses of democracy. Why did the democrat senators runaway in the first place? O ya, to hold democracy hostage. They were on the losing side of a truly democratic vote, and to avoid it passing they fled. Truly, who is abusing democracy?

Now on to class warfare. Seems to me on both sides we have mostly 'middle' class workers. A minority that are in the unions vs. a majority that aren't and are sick of the unions abusing what they've been given. From the beginning of this whole controversy, we've but wanted them to join us, in paying for themselves.
I have noticed on the majority side, are people who can't protest everyday, because they actually have to work. These same people are the ones being forced to give from their livelihood, to pay for that of the unions. Yet during all this they've been fairly respectful.
Whereas on the minority side, they've been protesting almost non stop, using sick notes from Drs. who know they aren't actually sick, trashing the Wisconsin capitol building and grounds, being disruptful and disrepesctful, and some have even threatened lives of Wisconsin's Republican senators and governor.
Which leaves me with that, the only 'class warfare' I see is between those of us who are showing class, and those of them who aren't.