Thursday, February 24, 2011

Young Conservatives Want to be Active

As those of of you who've followed my blog and twitter know, I am greatly trying to become more involved in the political activisim within our great republic.
But I've ran into some big obstacles that I'm trying to overcome.
I tried contacting the websites and phone numbers of the local tea party, tea party patriots, and other conservative groups, asking how I could become more active. I got no response at all.
I tried calling for a rally, that actually got some response, but not enough as no one knew who I was. And once again attempts to contact local conservative organizations went ignored.
So how do young unknown conservatives get involved?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had issues.
I'm not likely the only one frustrated with being ignored.
I can't be the only one confused on how to find an active conservative group that's local to me.
Too much of conservative movements is still word of mouth. Not enough is public so that more can easily join.
We are your children, neices and nephews, neighbours, employees, future inlaws, your cashier, your banker, your server at the restaurant. We are your future!
Just because we are young(er) and new(er) to the movement, doesn't make us stupid and useless.
We are facing the same issues you are, are just as sick of the problems we are facing, and have the same beliefs you do.
We care about the United States of America. We want to help. We want to be active. We want to rally and protest with our fellow conservatives.
Stop ignoring us!
Seek us out. Respond when we seek you out.
Help us join you, or help by joining us.