Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Thoughts on Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democrats flee state in order to avoid voting on the budget.
Are you 5 and didn't want to do the dishes, so you ran away from home?
Either get yourselves back into Madison, and vote what the people want, or resign so that the governor can call for new elections. If you don't have the intelligence or backbone to do either, then just stay gone.
Hopefully the rest of Wisconsin's congress and the Governor will declare you in contempt of their call to return, and begin impeachment proceedings, so that the vote might continue.

To add to it, the SEIU, is calling on unions from out of state to join in protesting the proposed budget. Not just in words mind you, but in person.
Might be time for Wisconsin to close the borders whilst this is taken care of.
And definitely is the time for Tea Party and other conservatives from around there to counter the protests, with visible support.

To the Wisconsin congress and governor now barricaded inside the capitol (for fear of their safety from the mob outside), keep up the fight. We The People are with you. We are praying, and help is coming.