Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thoughts on Conservative's biggest obstacle

As some (I wish I could say all) of you know my last blog was an attempt to start a nationwide rally that would've been held this Saturday, to protest the Senate's failure to repeal healthcare. Almost immediately I was being told that 8 days was not enough notice. To me that originally just seemed more of a challenge, but very sadly it became quickly apparent, that they were right.
Even more sadly, I've seen liberal rallies go from idea to occurence in under 24 hours.
So why is it that conservatives can't make a rally happen in just over a week, yet liberals can in less than a day?
There are several reasons, but the biggest is part of what makes conservatives, conservatives. Love of the status quo.
Liberals want change, and so they'll act for it. Conservatives want to be left alone, they don't want to have to step up, and so try to avoid upsetting anything.
Eventually if you piss off a conservative, you can definitely get them going, but unless they maintain their levels of aggravation, they calm down, and it will take them even longer to rise up again.
If conservatives are going to win, they have find a way to overcome their natural desire to stay out of it, and not just for one vote or one Glenn Beck rally, but for as long as necessary to overcome liberalism and to keep it from returning.
They need to not just be able to rally at short notice, but be prepared to do so for as long as it takes.
Question remains how do we as conservatives make that change?