Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calling All American Citizens

As we all now know, the Senate has failed to repeal Obama's Healthcare. 47-51, and the traitors to the Constitution and this nation of The United States of America, have chosen their side.
They've ignored the voices of the people from November.
I find it very interesting timing that they've done this at this time of year.
Next Saturday, Februrary 12, 2011, we celebrate the 202nd birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.
I believe it would be a good day for the people of the United States to stand up for their rights against a government that no longer stands for the people, but has brought tyranny through the imposition of unconstitutional taxation.
As Americans we are guaranteed the right to peaceful protest.
In support of that right I call upon my fellow citizens to join me, by gathering at each state's capitol to protest the continuance of a government headed away from the will of the people. To call for each state, and its citizens, to consider impeachment of those who voted against the repeal. And if necessary to call for new elections, so that We The People may actually have representation in our government.
If you believe in The United States of America, and The Republic founded therein, I ask you to join me at your state's capitol, at 1pm MST, and spread the word for all true Americans to do so.
Jonathan D. Sangster, American citizen