Saturday, January 15, 2011

State of The Union

Our soldiers fight to make the world a safer place for us. We must fight to keep America a safe place for them to come home to. If we do not, then eventually we all will have to fight on our own soil to regain our lost freedoms, not with words and elections, but with the blood and lives of American patriots, in a Secondnd War of Independence. Not from foreign lords, but homegrown liberals. For they are the true, and foremost enemies that we face now.
Such an event would be of untold sorrow and destruction, and I wish in no way for it to actually happen. Towards this we must, as a unifed people work to ensure it does not become a neccesity.
In the past there was a place for middle gound, but no more. We have reached another 'all or nothing' place in American history. Each and every American must decide whether they will fight for or against her. Perhaps never before has there been such a dramatic point of 'either you are for us or against us'.
In the coming weeks we will see if our latest Congress is for us or not. If they show themselves not to be, then we must take the steps necessary towards their impeachment and replace them with another set, who will do as 'We The People' demand.
I see many counting down the days til Obama is out of office. I say this is not good enough. We must demand of our representative leadership that he be impeached well before then.
There is no room for Mr. Obama (whether he be citizen or not) and his liberal cronies, at the head of this conservative republic of The United States of America, 'One Nation Under God'.

Rough Beginnings

Upon deciding to create a blog, I knew I must find a fitting title for it. Knowing that this blog would not be directed towards any specific topic, I wanted the title to represent not just my eclectic variety of topics, but also my own desire to be growing and building something more with my life, not just personally but also for my future family and for my beloved country. I truly feel that "Under Construction: A Journey Through Life" describes me and what I hope to accomplish from its pages.
For now I must apologize for the roughness of the site. My primary, and really only, access to the net is through my droid. I've found that tis very difficult to edit settings from on here, but still feel that I should continue anyways, whether the site is all prettified or not ;) Hopefully soon this shall be rectified, and I will gain access with a real comp and make my blog shiny. Til then, and hopefully afterwards, tis my great wish that you enjoy, and get real meaning, knowledge, and learning from whast I post here.

~Jonathan D. Sangster