Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where's The Freedom?

The United States Senate has passed the "indefinite detention" bill, which had already cleared the House of Representatives. This bill allows for the US government to hold anyone, no matter their citizenry, indefinitely without trial. All the govenment has to do is accuse them, without proof, of being a terrorist.
That should really worry you!
Already some in the Obama administration have labeled the Tea Party movement as terrorists. The Occupy movement, has also been called such. Comparing them isn't really fair to either, as they stabd for completely different things and are on totally different levels of intelligence and organization, but they now could legally be grouped as one and the same.
The government now has the ability to lock away someone from either of those groups, or any other, forever without ever going to trial, just because they felt like it.
There is no longer the protection of an American citizen's right to a trial of their peers. There is no longer even a guaranteed tiral.
How easy for the government to label anyone who publically disagrees with it, or even annoys it in any way, as a terrorist just to get rid of the problem?
The guy who cut me off on the way home from work, definitely a jerk, but if I was in the government all I need to do is brand him terrorist and he's never heard from again. Now there's some road rage.
That was am extreme example, but it is something that is totally legal now that the bill has passed. All it takes is Obama's signature and it's official.
Where's the freedom, America? We're losing it, and now could realistically lose our freedom fighting for it. We are beyond trying to maintain our freedoms, now we have to fight to get them back. If the fight isn't brought to them soon, then eventually we'll have to sacrifice lives to get it back.


  1. Sounds like grounds for a hate crime to me.

  2. We've said since his inception, the emperor Obama would overreach and abuse his power. So far, I don't recall him refusing either opportunity, and this is the kind of thing any despot would love to have: A "legal" and endorsed method to detain civilians without recourse, for as long as they please.